27 July 2014

Dj Muzikinside - DEEPER SECTOR (Afro Deep Session)

01- Punk feat. Sphelele - Transcend SOUL CANDI RECORDS 02- Miami Ice - Sometimes (Leigh D Oliver remix) FRECHE FRUCHTE RECORDINGS 03- DJ Thes-Man - Time Of Life (Original Mix) OHYEA MUZIQ 04- Real Kue Soul - Black Is In Trouble (Original Mix) MUSIC-SLAVES RECORDS 05- Jonny Miller feat. Tellaman - Keep On (Jonny's Dream Dub) TRIBE RECORDS 06- Sk95 feat. Rampage - Another Deep One 4DIMENTIONALMUSIC 07- Blaq Sons feat. Melodic Project - Mother Nature (Knine Tseki & Inno Sacred's Remix) SKALLA RECORDS 08- Sk95 feat. V. Cho - Land Of Dreams (Main mix) DNH RECORDS 09- Silvia Zaragoza feat. Yasmine Seydi - Flores Pro Mar (Monocles & Slezz Groove Soul Mix) SOUNDMAN ON WAX 10- Leey Keps feat. Chris - Everlasting Love (Joonya T's Dub) DNH RECORDS For those of you who want to b added to my page: www.facebook.com/deejaymuzikinside

Dj Yme feat. Zano - Found Me An Angel (Sol Phenduka Remix)


26 July 2014

Rescue Poetix feat. King P Soul - Grows (Original)

FACE THE BASS RECORDS Disclaimer: I do not own any material in this post. If the owner doesn't wish to have their items on display, please contact me and I will remove it immediately. # South African DJ/producer/remixer King P Soul joins forces with spoken word artist Rescue Poetix for "Grows", an incredibly enthralling production going as deep as it gets, with utterly infectious afro-tribal rhythms leading the way for entrancing synth melodies and Rescue Poetix unmatched spoken word poetry, altogether spreading a hypnotizing vibe sure to set the floor on fire. Performed by RescuePoetix Written by RescuePoetix Email: rescuepoetix@gmail.com Facebook Fan Page: King P Soul SA. Twitter: @Kingpsoul, Whatsapp: 27604478023 www.facethebasslive.com Published by My2suns Publishing L.L.C. (BMI) Copyright 2014 Face The Bass Records